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  • Colorful fighting colors in Muyin Hall

    During the National Day holiday, many porcelain friends must have enjoyed a lot of natural colors by traveling. Then today, I will follow the editor to enjoy another color of Muyin Hall. The series of doucai leather ball flower cup + Doucai leather ball flower pot bearing, Doucai Folding branch flower Butterfly cup + Doucai folding branch flower butterfly pot bearing

    The porcelain products are all ancient Yongzheng Doucai made by Muyin Hall. Let's first understand the characteristics of Yongzheng Doucai:

    Yongzheng doucai juanxiuer Ya

    Yongzheng dynasty bucket color objects in addition to the antique, there are many newly created porcelain, the shape is very rich, the porcelain of these objects crystal white, elegant and dignified. In addition, the theme of decoration is also diverse, there are a variety of flowers, flowers and birds, flowers, butterflies, clouds, clouds, wind, bamboo, eight immortals, etc., both color and pattern patterns are more fine than the previous dynasties, with thinner materials, the color is very soft and elegant light.

    Yongzheng Dou color crown absolutely Qing Dynasty, its characteristics juanxiuer elegant, small and exquisite, the proportion of the instrument is harmonious, there is the so-called "curvy beauty". After each dynasty of bucket color porcelain although there is no chronological, but are not as fine as Yongzheng products, Yongzheng bucket color products regardless of shape, pattern are unique, can be said to make chenghua bucket color and a step forward.



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